Virtual Learning Center

The Purpose:  The focus here is to next level learning… or more precisely, the VLC is the place to go to better understand how it all works, "the rules of the game" so to speak, or what we call: Universal Principles and The Creative Mechanics.

Why would you want to understand this? Because when you know how something works, you then become empowered by conscious choice. Becoming empowered through your own conscious choice, and developing your inner knowingness enables you to create experiences from your new, next level mindset and world view…

So here at the VLC, we are "Going from Invisible to Invincible…"

The Process:  The Process is based on Consciousness Based Intentionality and Quantum Assignment. 

CB Intentionality is a concept we defined as the power of the Integrated Being, both mind and heart, to Be about, and to represent the Universal Qualities, Attributes, Characteristics and Innate Properties that allow you to authentically show up as you, Best & Whole.

Quantum Assignment is the intentional ability to Login, Locate, Access, Transfer, and Apply multi-dimensional information to your day-to-day.

This process enables you to understand and develop new skill sets, which allows you to choose, direct, and experience your world in a new way.

The Method:  
It's all about your vibe - frequency counts.

Match - Merge - Become - Experience…  So that you may access, retrieve, perceive, and apply information from a quantum field of potential, and an untainted stream of creative possibilities. And yes - you can do it!

The Practice:  
Know thyself… It's all about Self Experiencing and Self Expressing.

Meaning day #1 it is about becoming what you know, not what you thought you knew. 
From Awareness ←→ Experience you begin creating from a new platform of information, perception, and choice. (Sans crisis... No drama mama)

Desire, Passion, and Curiosity…

The VLC offers 3-Spheres of Leaning...