Our Vision

Our vision is very simple…

To give focus and form to understanding, experiencing and knowing ourselves in a new way: 

As Energy, As Physical, As Consciousness -
 As Human Magnifique!

What's it all about...


"Together we are greater than the sum of our parts."

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​Next Level Education ​
“Experience is the best teacher..." We have all heard this old adage but its relevance to understanding our innate creative skills extends far beyond our previous understanding. In fact, this profound statement underscores a foundational truth and way to experience.

What is Consciousness Based Wellness?
This unique practice is based on our current understanding of the interconnected relationships of all things and all systems. It elucidates how the structure and nature of Consciousness and the Universal codes inherent in all things relates to the human body, and translates to our human physical experience. It underscores our ability and capacity to consciously access, direct and express our unique genetic encodings .

“…It is not only within each individual’s capacity to direct his or her physical and creative experiences, but it is also the foremost purpose of our human life…”

What's Applied Science of Consciousness?​​

New discoveries, in all sectors of study, including science and medicine are being uncovered. This New Paradigm of Science and Well-being is defined from a much broader perspective as it recognizes the interconnectedness and interrelated aspects of all life and therefore, no thing, no system, operates in isolation...

“The one effects the whole on all levels of Being.”

It identifies and underscores Universal instruction codes, information and directives which are inherent in all things and allows for continued optimal balance and well-being, and relates how it can be applied to enhance and optimize our reality  experinece on all levels.

 “We are far greater than we have ever thought or imagined ourselves to be.”

About Us
Who are we… ​A little background information and bio's: 
Deborah Sorkin and Carolyn Anderson