Consciousness Based Initiatives​ & The SH Hub

The Intent, Mission and Focus…​
Mission: The Sustainable Human Hub is a Consciousness Based Initiative that represents a paradigm shift to "next level living". A Lifestyle an empowered living from a new platform of understanding…

"We are far greater than we ever imagined ourselves to be…"

What's it all about...


"Together we are greater than the sum of our parts."

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It's about Living "BEST & WHOLE"
It's about NEXT LEVEL Experiences...
It's about U Shifting from INVISIBLE to INVINCIBLE!

Our Vision is very simple: To Give Focus and Form to Understanding, Experiencing, Knowing and Representing
Ourselves as Human in a New Way...
As Energy, As Physical, As Consciousness, In Partnership with All Others and All things….
As Human Magnifique!
Conscious - Empowered - Discerning - Directive
 Awake, Aware, Large and In Charge

About Us
Who are we… ​A little background information and bio's: 
Deborah Sorkin and Carolyn Anderson