​What are the benefits of joining, or even hosting a Focused Group event?
1 - Amp's up your efforts: When we gather together and focus our efforts for a common purpose, the results are amplified and magnified. Meaning, you will have the potential to gain so much more out of the experience by gathering with others to share and expand collectively.
2 - Community support: It is easier to start, stick with, and stay on track when you are in a supportive setting with others. 

Being supported and supporting others benefits us all.
3 - Fun! Feeling good and laughing are contagious. Did you know laughter relieves physical tensions and stress, boosts your immune system, triggers the body's release of natural feel good chemicals, protects the heart, and enhances well-being, Not only that but the benefits of your laughter are transferable, so join the initiative and share the love!

Living Instructible

 Immersive Retreats​

These intensives are your "Live - Real Time"  trainings. What enables retreats to be so uniquely powerful is the fact that you are in a specifically focused, supportive environment, and tuned in the moment. This allows a more highlighted experience that's not usually as apparent to us when we are in our day-to-day routine. Plus, Immersive Retreats are ridiculously fun!

Having fun is our signal and confirmation of right course… So join us live in the initiative!

Looking forward to our time together!

*** October 2018 - MOROCCO ***

The Event: Mission Possible

Staying Focused In A Chaotic World

The Practice

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The Purpose:  Living Magnifiqué ! 

The Process:  At this office self-care is priority… self-care and self-awareness are the primary focus of this Consciousness Based Mind-Body Medicine and Practice. In order for us to show up as Best & Whole for others we must first be Best & Whole for ourselves. 

The Method:  The tools and techniques offered here are designed to understand and experience ourselves, and by extension the world around us, in a new way so that we can represent authentically. We believe:
"You are far greater than you have ever understood yourself to be…" 

That being said, no matter what is going on in your world we always encourage beginning with you… because it is your own self-awareness, and connection to understanding who you are at the core of your being that will have the greatest impact on all the lives you touch, especially those closest to you.

The Practice:  We employ techniques and tools that assist you to reprogram and revise those things that are restrictive to your true desire to be more, understand more, and approach life from a completely new platform… Nothing from outside of you required. You're the boss of you - You're the CEO.

Pre- Requisites:  Desire, Passion, and Curiosity… ​

Focused Groups​

Integration Session

Your Virtual Office Visit

​​This is about you becoming the conscious director and participant to your life experience, or what we call: Mastering Your New Personal Brand. Meaning refining your awareness and levels of discernment, fine tuning your human navigational skills, and consciously creating the world you want to live in, here and now. As you do this for yourself, you naturally by extension, and by the inherent interconnectedness of all things, make your world available for all others to join you.