​​The Process:  We engage Consciousness Based Initiatives that support a directive lifestyle.
The Method Living Instructibles for Self-Experiencing.

Living Instructibles are meant to be guidelines for understanding your self in a new way. This method allows you to consciously retrieve information from your own innate intelligence, the stuff that highlights your "genius". This super conscious mindset allows access to new potentials, choices, and outcomes that are not just merely versions of the same old, same old.  

The Practice:
  It's all about awareness to self-experiencing. Meaning, developing skill sets that allow you to consciously tap into your own amazing innate abilities and capacities to navigate and create a lifestyle that you truly feel represents and expresses your own unique version of “Best & Whole”.

Pre- Requisites: Desire, Passion, and Curiosity… 

Drop in - Throw it down - Go deep - No doubts​​

 Check out these Living Instructibles... 

The Hang Out

The Purpose:  It's very simple…. here at The Hang Out it’s about getting the code, the information, the 411.

How do you get the information you really want? You have to ASK for it.

By virtue of our asking, the answers are always revealed.

So the first step is - don’t be afraid to ask. Most of us wait until a crisis hits, or we are pushed to action by some sort of trauma-drama to ask, or to claim what we really want . But we don't have to do that not anymore. Why? The new program states we are "large and in charge", which means we have the ability to be conscious, aware, and directive of all our life experiences.

What's Coming Up Next?

Join us for The Living Instructibles 7-day Initiative Event

Crisis is Not our brand anymore...

"Master Your New Personal Brand"

Details TBA Soon!

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