Navigating The Shift of Time

Who are you on this day and how do you want to represent? 

As human we have a certain “je ne sais quoi”, a certain something that allows us to be a unique presence that is intertwined with all things. We have an energetic underpinning, a consciousness and make-up with a core signature extraordinaire...
The unabridged version of you extends far beyond the limitations of your physical frame, and this unedited version of you is uncompromised in creative abilities, capacities and desire to create in benevolence.
As human we have a look, a physical make-up and characteristics that distinguish us from any other. As human we represent in different forms and colors, shapes and proportions; this is not a mistake of mathematical uncertainty. It is this primal code and core identity, which highlights our diversity and yet connects us all.

As a global society we are changing, evolving and expanding at an accelerated rate. Our global connections have catalyzed and actualized new thought of “what is, and what appears to be”. There is great contrast to what we “observe” and what we know in our hearts to be truth. Trust your knowing. 
As we share our unique world, our cultures and experiences, we are beginning to see and to witness the similarities in our differences. We are beginning to appreciate a vision that there is no real separation within the desire for true peace, harmony and freedom amongst the world’s people… albeit the expression of how to create that world seems chaotic and unclear. Look for the core similarities in our differences. Learn to observe them, witness them, and embrace them.
No being who stands in knowing and in truth would consciously choose suffering for another. No being who stands in truth would consciously create a world that restricts freedom of choice to be. No being who stands in truth and knowing would create a world of weapons and war… of lack and need... of believing in have and have not’s… in the perpetration of one against another. This is not who we are as human, this is not who we are as humanity. This is not who you are…

Discernment to what you see- is, how you witness- becomes, and it is your choice of engagement that reveals your greatest gift.
It is within this paradox of what we see and how we perceive the "what is…" that there is great potential to catalyze a powerful momentum for change.

We have become a connected global society where transparency uncovers truth. Transparency and truth can now be determined and directed by our feeling guidance and discernment of information. Your organ of discernment is your heart.

The internet and social media outreach has connected and has eroded a barrier of separation; it has given power to the human voice around the globe. We can now access a web, a grid of streaming information, which can be accessed even by those in the furthest reaches of our planet.

Our hearts and minds are connected- the new grids of connection and communication are completed, and that Universal stream of information is available for all. However, we must choose to accept it, and to focus upon it in order to enliven that pure stream within us.

What can WE do right now?
It always begins within you…

The Conscious You - Awake, Aware, Large and In Charge. 
The you in wholeness of being…
The full, new human expression of you.

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It always begins within us… So what can we do in these accelerated times of change, challenge and potential in order to stay grounded in the version of us we wish to represent?
WE can express Love more… And perhaps…

1)     Wake up each day excited for all things to come. Engage Joy - make it a choice, not a result.
2)     Create a routine to reset, refresh and renew. Enable your Heart-Mind connection. Engage Awareness.
3)     Pre-direct your day in order to engage conscious, empowered, and directive experiences. Engage Focus.
4)     Eat appropriately for your body intelligence. Engage Appreciation of Self
5)     Be impeccable with your word and behaviors as your word is “law”. Engage Discernment.
6)     Create amazing things and be amazed by them. Engage your creative blueprint.
7)     Love your self more, encourage your self more, and uplift your self more. Engage Self-worth.
8)     Engage with others, as you desire to be engaged with, from the heart... and have fun. Engage being of service to all.
9)     Skim the pool – meaning, constantly reassess where you are energetically; discern, clean and align. Engage at Zero Point, where all  

        choices are valued and valid and choose from that place of knowing… Engage non-jugement. Engage to choose your own actions and  

        agreements from Freedom and Love.
10)   Care less about what others think and care more about how you feel. Engage your inner truth... there is nothing outside of you that  

        knows you, better than you. Trust how you feel. 
11)   Be the amazing supportive environment you desire… live your work as play. Engage JOY.
12)   Be Compassionate but detached - Be Humble - as you know your own power.  Be Appreciative of all things – as all things and all

        experiences allow you to discover more of who you are. Engage the feeling truth of who you REALLY are, and allow your self to BE that

        here and now.
13)   Express Love freely and without reservation… As the one is the all, and the all are the one. Engage your heart to all experiences, as it  

        allows you to amplify and magnify this knowing to others.

Good Skills to all
Let's stay connected
The Sustainable Human 101.