In this course we begin to understand, experience, and thus apply the governing Universal Laws and Principles of energy dynamics that allow us to function and create as loving, conscious, sustainable, energetic beings in human form. These governing laws and principles enable us to remember the nature and purpose of living our best life. Here, we will begin to develop a plan, and start living the experiences we truly desire.
Get ready - it's time to recall your awesomeness and let it shine!

In this e-course we place our focus and attention to the "look" of the New Human. We will reference human past -aka- the old human mindset, to serve as a platform for recognizing contrast. This program is intended to draw awareness to the choices we now have as we transition to a new, upgraded, and expanded version of us. Living from a state of expanded awareness and discernment in our choosing will allow us to alter our perceptions and beliefs, which in turn allows us to draw supportive evidence as we engage in this new way of being. And just as a reminder… “Fun and work are synonymous for the new human.”

Shifting from Intelligence to Brilliance 

​“The Universe is within you and everything you need is inside you.”

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Consciousness Based Wellness Series​​​​​

It is the cooperative power of the human mind, heart and spirit to create what was named "miracles", but in fact is the language and expression of the genetics from which we operate.

Welcome to The Living Library - Here It's all in the experience…

“Experience is the best teacher…"

We have all heard this old adage, but its relevance to our creative skills extends far beyond our
previous understanding of this now recognized and most powerful statement.

Why is this so?
 We now understand that we are "wired" for a more complex and expanded type of learning. In this new model information is accessed, and more importantly experienced from beyond the learned or acquired patterns of old beliefs and behaviors. This approach utilizes  an "Integrated Whole Brain Systems" for multidimensional learning.

An appropriate quote for this level of leaning is: "Dorothy you are not is Kansas anymore!"

Match - Merge - Become - Experience
Learning from the Inside-Out, or multidimensional-experiential learning enables awareness to our innate capacity of directly interacting with all forms of information so that it can be organically discerned, understood, and consciously experienced. You are the information you perceive, are relating to, and then experiencing, precisely and uniquely from the "inside- out". This higher-level learning allows you to directly access and experience more complex information from beyond the filters and bias of acquired or learned material. This process of experiencing and learning enables information to be authentically received, perceived, and experienced from an unfiltered multidimensional platform. 

All of the Virtual Courses found in The Living Library extend knowledge based on this natural and seamless process of communication. They emphasize Universal mechanics and design so that its relevance and application to your daily life becomes not only clear, but also powerfully and authentically understood through your own experience.

Shifting our understanding of Intelligence to Brilliance. 
Is all about the experience...

In this series we begin to make our way through the layers of understanding and clarifying the concept of relationships. In this introductory cycle we start to redefine, and understand the very basic premise and design of all relationships, how they work, our role and response-ability in the dynamic interplay to creating our ideal experiences in everyday living. 
Section 1 - Introducing The New Human Extraordinaire
Section 2 - Personality - Persona - Perceptual Reality
Section 3 - In Freeze Mode and On The Struggle Bus… How to get UnStuck
Section 4 - Poverty Consciousness of Human Past

The focus and content of this Consciousness Based Wellness program is designed to structure your understanding of the physical body in a new way… in wholeness of who you are, as a physical being, as an energy form, and as a Universal Consciousness. Understanding, but more importantly experiencing your direct connection as an extension of this Universal energy, blueprint, and design will allow you to draw from that information to organically and naturally sustain health, longevity, and wellness of being.  
Preview -  Introducing The New Human Extraordinaire
Section 1-  The Creative Mechanics of Health
Section 2 - The Conscious Thought - Mind Energy, Part One 
Section 3 - The Conscious Thought - Mind Energy, Part Two
​Section 4 - Zero Point Biology

Living From The Inside-Out

"It is our internal world that drives the external experience."
The Physics of U - You
​A New Conscious Paradigm of Living and Being…​​

​Relationships Series 
Reshaping and Redefining Your World​​​​

“ All relationships begin with a first experience of
be-coming familiar, forming a bond, and founding an everlasting connection.”

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