​​CEO: "heads up - heart merger" #valueadded​​

We have a mind, a consciousness that has a function and purpose that is quite different than the job of the physical brain. Our mind or consciousness happens to be the CEO and director of all our physical experiences.

The Change That Will Move The Earth To Greatness
“We are, by virtue of our true inherent nature, worthy philanthropists, who choose to invest in living and creating from the platform of our authentic truth…”

Money, Madness and Mastery - Oh My!

Just 3 questions, a breath and a knee… I have found this simple tool of just 3 questions at hand to be very effective in equilibrating, neutralizing and harmonizing even the most challenging of situation.

Traversing Transition - Drama Free

Staying clear of the emotional chaos. There is a strong undercurrent of collective momentum catalyzing transition, which is playing out in many ways; there is a unique setting of reconstruction and global transformation underway, which can feel chaotic, confusing and inconsistent with our truth. How can we transcend the chaos and emotional turmoil to remain clear, focused and drama free?

Living Instructible Articles...

Body Intelligence and the Architecture of Love

We are about to embark on a new journey and a new learning curve by re-defining all the parameters of our life, coming from a place of unlimited potential and empowered directorship. This will happen, not because I said so, or because someone else told us so, nope… that would be so old human. It will begin to happen as the new human mind-set is inspired to believing and then to knowing, evidenced by her or his own experience of creating miracles.​

Creating a New Life Story​

You don’t have to wait anymore for a crisis of heart to shine. Go ahead and Be Brilliant. Just one small act of kindness magnifies and amplifies in its effect and is felt and experienced by all things connected and… That would be everyone on this planet and all things upon it.
Now that is sooo New Human...

​​​Awake - Aware - Large and In Charge
How can we adopt a way of being amidst a world that appears so chaotic? How can we achieve a steady state of peace, feeling good about our life’s circumstances and the world around us? How can we live unconditionally in a seemingly conditional world?