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Graceful Transitions

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The Art of Graceful Transition: The Process, Purpose and Practice Series. 
This compilation of essays is dedicated to the understanding and practice of: “The Art of Graceful Transition.” It is divided into 3 essay segments that build a basic framework of understanding. It is intended to spark a remembrance of the art of transition and bring clarity to this process. 

The construct of these essays is designed to develop and unfold information in a multilayered format. "It is not my intent to prove or convince, but rather to share this information for your own consideration and your own individual discernment. My role and my purpose is to 'plant new seeds - in a new way' and to hold the highest levels of awareness and information available to assist in the understanding and expansion of the New Human Consciousness.” -Deborah Sorkin

The Sustainable Human 101- Basic Life Support- ABCs is now published and available on iTunes – iBooks, free to download as our gift to you. This book is designed to be a foundational primer, basic toolkit and prelude to a forthcoming enhanced A-V, e-book series. Click the "Get Free eBook Here" button to go to iTune and download the iBook.

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