Our Vision is very simple:
To Give Focus and Form to Understanding, Experiencing, Knowing, and Representing
Ourselves as Human in a New Way...

As Energy, As Physical, As Consciousness, In Partnership with All Others and All things…
As Human Magnifique!

The Sustainable Human’s Consciousness Based Initiative
The focus and intent of this Initiative is to educate, advise and support leading edge concepts and teachings about the awakening and emergence of a New Human heart-based mindset and way of being; one that operates from an expanded awareness through higher states of consciousness. The New Conscious and Empowered Human recognizes and understands their own unlimited potential, amazing innate capacities, and in wisdom and choice, both personally and collectively, represent that vision and reflect that version into the world in which they live, creatively and freely. This new and expanded “Best & Whole” version creates and directs an extraordinary Lifestyle that is expressed in all endeavors, both work and play… in all activities, interests, behaviors, and attitudes. It reflects a new self concept in the way we see ourselves and the way we perceive others. This new way of being understands and exemplifies our unique role and contribution as an integral participant of the whole, and acknowledges the differences and contrasts as creative tools to pathways of invention.

These new concepts and teachings will call upon each of us to question, examine, and redefine all aspects of our life.
Redefining who we are will challenge us to transform our views of self and the world around us. 
Change is exciting, exhilarating, and expansive.
Change without reference can be unsettling.
However, all it takes is courage of heart to take a first step…
And we have all have taken the most important first step as we took our first breath and decided to give this life a go around…

Join the Initiative...

The first step to any new endeavor is to set the stage for what’s to come.
So here is the pivotal, foundational, must know "living instructible" for this new version - Best & Whole…

Acknowledge, Accept, and Actualize:

“We are so much more than we ever imagined ourselves to be.”

The second most important step is not to believe anything we say, just because we say it.
Yep that's right!
That would be more of the same old - same old… and not really new or empowering.
 We believe that the most empowering knowledge base comes from self evidencing through experience.
So this CBI's next most important living instructible is experiencial evidencing.
Here at The Sustainable Human we believe that power comes from your own ability to experientially evidence…
So, The Sustainable Human has now created, and is making available 3 Consciousness Based Initiative platforms, which can be found through: 

The HUB...
So come as you are. Wherever you are in your timing and interest, and let us awaken from the Near Life Experience…

It’s a new time, and we are ready.

We look forward to our time together,

Deb, Carolyn and the SH101 team

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